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Wall Street’s Trade of the Year is in Full Force – July 18, 2024

We’re witnessing one of the most powerful rotations in recent history. And it has more room to run… Wall Street’s trade of the year is in full force. Rarely does a rotational quake strike equity markets. But when positioning reaches extremes, it’s only a matter of time before a breath-taking unwind occurs. Literally one month […]

Best Semiconductor Stocks to Buy for 2024 – July 11, 2024

To me, great research is defined by what you say when times are tough…not when the gettin’ is good. Let’s rewind the tape back to October when the Big Money Index (BMI) alerted an incredible setup. Not only did we pound the table that a breath-taking rally was coming, we have the equity performance to […]

Get Ready for a Monster Reversion Trade for the Ages – June 27, 2024

If your stocks aren’t holding up this year, you’re not alone. Most equities are behaving wildly different than major indices. The Big Money Index plummets to new lows in 2024. Last week we discussed how a monster reversion trade is coming. The average stock in the S&P 500 is drastically underperforming the overall cap-weighted index. That […]

Get Ready for a Monster Reversion Trade for the Ages – June 20, 2024

The appetite for stocks is off the charts. …especially mega-cap tech names. This has caused market breadth readings to plummet. But don’t fret because now’s the time to get ready for a monster reversion trade for the Ages. Let’s face it, if you’re not holding the handful of AI-fueled growth names right now, odds are […]

3 Easy Reasons to Buy Semiconductors Hand Over Fist – June 13, 2024

It’s a wonderful time to be a stock investor. Not only are markets making all-time highs, select names have incredible multi-year tailwinds. Many of those reside in the Technology space. Here are 3 easy reasons to buy semiconductors hand over fist. A lot has happened the past week: With markets and high-quality tech stocks reaching […]

Capitulation in Tech Stocks Signals Massive Upside Ahead – June 6, 2024

Did you get the memo that it’s time to buy Technology stocks? Of course you didn’t. The media has been focused on job growth and rate cuts. But the reality is tons of growth stocks were dumped last week. That’s good news because capitulation in Tech stocks signals massive upside ahead. Lots of folks discuss […]

One Bullish Omen for the NASDAQ Just Fired – May 30, 2024

Stock investing is simple. Just hold great companies. But it can get simpler when broad indices find a tailwind. That’s the situation today. One bullish omen for the NASDAQ just fired. Data has a way of cutting through the non-stop noise. As institutions buy and sell there are repeatable patterns that offer clues as to […]

How to Find the Most Powerful Winning A.I. Stocks Like Celestica (CLS) – May 23, 2024

The bad beats keep coming for the bears. Markets chug higher week after week as money flows surge into growth pockets of the market. We’re witnessing one of the strongest stock picking environments in years. Here’s how to find the most powerful winning A.I. stocks like Celestica (CLS). Today’s message is very simple: The next […]

Biggest Small-Cap Opportunity Seen in Years is Here Now – May 16, 2024

The way to make money in stocks is to bet big when the crowd is uninterested. That’s our playbook year after year. The biggest small-cap opportunity seen in years is here now. You can feel the change in tone the last few days. As inflation continues its death spiral, investors are finally coming around to […]

3 Reasons We’re Gearing Up for a Summertime Rally – May 9, 2024

Markets have been quiet lately, effectively trading flat the last 2 months. Investors are looking for the next catalyst to lift equities higher. We’ve got you covered as we see a very positive forward picture unfolding. Today we’ll share 3 reasons we’re gearing up for a summertime rally. Coming into 2024, our stance was simple: We […]

Major Ultra-Bullish Signal is approaching – May 2, 2024

Plenty of growth stocks are feeling the pain. That’s what happens when institutional demand grinds to a halt. Don’t fret. One rare setup just fired, indicating a major ultra-bullish signal is approaching. The rips and dips keep coming for equities. The Fed presser from yesterday offered little confidence for investors. We’ll let other research shops […]

Big Money Index is Still Falling as Technology Stocks Face Sell Pressure – April 25, 2024

Our data has been down-trending for months. Our North Star, the Big Money Index (BMI), has been falling from extreme overbought conditions since February. A falling BMI indicates that institutional sponsorship (inflows) is drying up. As you can see, while the rate of decline for the BMI has moderated, it’s still breaking new lows: Until […]

When the Bottom Falls Out Apr 18, 2024

Fear is swirling. Equities are under pressure. When the bottom falls out of the Big Money Index, a huge opportunity is around the corner. Wow. What a difference a week makes. We’re finally witnessing a pullback that most thought was impossible. The overarching bullish sentiment seemed to never stop. That is, until recently. A cocktail […]

Big Money Index Falls to Lowest Reading in 2024 – April 11, 2024

If you want to learn how markets work, study supply and demand mechanics. When buyers are more aggressive, stocks rally. When sell orders are increasing, equities fall. The latter is what is causing the Big Money Index (BMI) to make a fresh year-to-date low. I’ve mapped the BMI to the Russell 2000 (IWM) ETF as […]

Keep Betting on Elite Financial Stocks in 2024 – April 4, 2024

Poll investors on which areas of the market are up the most since the October lows and odds are they’ll quickly say Technology. That’s actually the right answer. However, Financials are quickly closing that leadership gap. Since the market lows in October, only 3 groups have gained over 30%: Communications Services, Technology, and Financials: While […]

Small-Caps Will Make All-Time Highs Sooner Than Investors Realize – March 28th, 2024

Money rarely leaves markets. It rotates. We are in the midst of a massive rotation favoring recent laggards. Small-caps will make all-time highs sooner than investors realize. As a data researcher, nothing gets me more excited than when a narrative shifts. Often, behavioral changes begin subtly…then the forward picture illuminates. Last week, I highlighted how Energy […]

4 Smart Reasons to Buy Energy Stocks Now – March 21, 2024

Boomtown isn’t just in growth stocks anymore. The data is shifting. Here are 4 smart reasons to buy energy stocks now. The Fed effectively greenlighted stocks at yesterday’s meeting. With 3 rate cuts estimated for 2024 in the dot plots, Wall Street and policy is in lockstep. Markets like to be on the same page. […]

2 Tech Stocks Are Screaming Buys Even at All-Time Highs

When a company initiates a dividend, it signals a lot of faith by the management team. Making the decision to share a piece of a company’s profits indicates the forward picture is healthy. Two all-star companies, (CRM) and Meta Platforms (META) both recently initiated quarterly dividends of $.40 and $.50 per share respectively. (Disclosure: I […]

5 Best Oversold Stocks to Buy from October 2023 – March 7, 2024

I like to say, you need to look backwards to see the future. When we review prior oversold instances of the Big Money Index (BMI), a clear pattern emerges. Stocks soar. On October 19th, we wrote how stocks surge out of oversold conditions. It’s not wizardry… it’s a data-based observation. Below showcases the forward returns of […]

Stock Market Dump Before the Pump February 29th, 2024

Markets stall before they fall. Planning ahead is the key. Here’s how to play the likely stock market dump before the pump. Consider this: The Red Car Theory, believed to have originated with Charles Cooley, suggests that opportunities are around us but only once we have a conscious awareness. A common example is noticing red […]

Searching for Out of This World Stocks – February 22, 2024

Stocks remain subdued, bobbing and weaving daily. There are reasons to believe the trendless behavior will continue. Even still, keep searching for out of this world stocks. Consider this, for thousands of years humans have looked to the night sky in search of answers. According to Northern Arizona University, astronomical observations are believed to go […]

Small-Cap Meltdown Triggered a Rare 1% Signal – February 15, 2024

Some of the greatest buying opportunities arrive when stocks are in freefall. The latest small-cap meltdown triggered a rare 1% signal that you need to see. Here’s a fact: Estimates suggest that 80% of forest fires are caused by humans. What’s important is what happens after the flames burn out. Nature heals. Out of the […]

Stock Market Pullback is Underway – February 8, 2024

What a time to be alive. Stocks are at all-time highs, inflation is a distant memory, and the crowd can’t imagine a selloff. Be careful here. A stock market pullback is underway according to my favorite indicator. Baseball hall-of-famer Yogi Berra had a way with words. He once rattled off the following, it’s like déjà vu all […]

Reaching a Critical Market Juncture – February 01, 2024

Q: Where do markets go from here? A: It’s all relative. Pessimists see overbought conditions. Optimists view the strong performance year-to-date as reason to celebrate. Depending on your stance, it’s undeniable that we’re reaching a critical market juncture. Consider this, back in 1929, a New York Times article discussed Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. To get the […]

Ultra-Bullish Omen for Software & Semiconductor Stocks – January 25, 2024

Welcome to new all-time highs. If you’re surprised, don’t be. This is what markets do over time. That said, staunch bears remain unconvinced that this rally is real. Watching Technology stocks rip day after day gets old sitting on the sidelines…but I’ve got news for the doubters. There’s more upside coming. Today we’re going to […]

Falling Big Money Index Playbook – January 18, 2024

News-of-the-day analysis rarely offers value. An ability to look forward is mission critical for investing. As we prepare for a healthy pullback in the weeks ahead, here’s your falling Big Money Index playbook. Here’s an interesting fact. Stare into a mirror and your reflection will appear as double the distance. Standing 5 feet away from […]

3 Reasons to Own Health Care Stocks in 2024 – January 11, 2024

New years often bring a reset in the stock market. That’s great news for sidelined investors seeking new underfollowed opportunities. One lagging group is signaling a major trend shift underway. Today, I’ll share 3 reasons to own health care stocks in 2024. Ask a crowd which stocks are thriving right now, odds are they’ll tell […]

Buy the Dip in the First Quarter – January 4, 2024

Headlines rarely offer value. That was a case in point in 2023. The better angle is to focus on evidence-rich data. Currently, history says to buy the dip in the first quarter. Remember, last year, how prophetic pundits proclaimed that markets would crash? Or that higher interest rates would climb unabated forever? Be careful what […]

Top 5 Most Bought Stocks in 2023 – December 28, 2023

When markets have a great year, you can bet plenty of stocks shined. Our research uncovered many monster winning equities, in some of the most surprising areas. Today we’ll unpack the top 5 most bought stocks in 2023. Markets twist and turn like waves in the ocean. Up and down they go, ripping and dipping […]

Double-Digit Gains Are Coming in 2024 – December 21, 2023

Few could’ve imagined the rally we’re witnessing right now. As Mark Twain famously said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Accepting a doomsday narrative was commonplace everywhere you turned. However, at MAPsignals we saw brighter days through our evidence-based lens. And that lens still signals a bold forecast: […]